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David’s Plumbing, One Hundred and One Years Old

In this video clip David exhibits you how to repair a easy bath tub faucet leak. Resolve it yourself, instead of calling the plumber!

24 Responses to David’s Plumbing, One Hundred and One Years Old

  • unklbuk1 says:

    finally someone who can explain things. The problem I’m having is when i shut the hot water off in the tub it still drips out of the spout, almost like it was turned to hard because it seems to have bottomed out on the hot water faucet. I have a 3 faucet tub,middle one is for shower.

  • kapol0 says:

    thank you.

  • theRDVJ1 says:

    7:29 ak47 sounds

  • MrLibertyLover says:

    @mobonce – Glad to be of service to you. Thanks for your kind comments.

  • mobonce says:

    You are AWESOME! You’ve saved me hundreds!  Thanks!

  • richard72183 says:

    Well done

  • zero00tolerance says:

    Hey thanks for the reply yes i got the problem fixed =) thanks so much for the reply

  • zero00tolerance says:

    Hey thanks for the reply yes i got the problem fixed =) 

  • MrLibertyLover says:

    Do you mean shower head and not “the sink”? If so, then the valve you replaced for the tub may not be meant for the “diverter” position – the middle handle location which controls water going/not going up to the shower head. A hot water or cold water valve will not work in the “diverter” position, only a “diverter” valve will work in the “diverter” position. If I’m not understanding your problem right, please clarify so I can help. Thanks and sorry to be so slow to reply.

  • MrLibertyLover says:

    @reesecup888 – Thanks for the question. Does the water “running from the faucet part” come out the tub spout or out the faucet itself? Maybe all you need is to do what I showed on the video. However, you may have to rebuild or replace the valve seat & valve stem to solve the problem. If you replace the valve stem, make sure you buy a ‘diverter valve stem’, not a hot or cold water stem. Also, if you rebuild or replace, be sure to replace the valve seat, too. Hope this helps.

  • reesecup888 says:

    Hi, would that be the same problem with the shower head, when I turn it on it doesn’t go to full shower water is still running from the the faucet part.

  • juliocanales says:

    thx for the tip

  • stancow says:


  • zero00tolerance says:

    Hi I have a problem with my bathtub water and the sink.. i replaced a valve.. and now the water only flowing to the bathtub and not to the sink anymore can anyone help me please.

  • MrLibertyLover says:

    @ratulloch1 & docbrown119 – Thanks! I’m glad it was helpful to you.

  • MrLibertyLover says:

    @vietsoft3k – Okay. I’ll take that into consideration if we do another video of the sort. Thanks for the tip!

  • MrLibertyLover says:

    @msbuckeye2u - Yes, you can replace the faucet handles. A place like Home Depot or Lowes would have them.

  • docbrown119 says:

    worked like a charm! many thanks!

  • ratulloch1 says:

    great job!!

  • vietsoft3k says:

    nice job, if you had more light it would be perfect, thanks for sharing

  • vietsoft3k says:

    probably someone was playing a combat game in the background, lol

  • msbuckeye2u says:

    Can the handles be replaced with different handles ?

  • shackadoodledoya says:

    good work..but always turn off main water and use a backup wrench on that valve so u dont break anything. lookup how to properly use a backup wrench.

  • spinbrain1 says:

    was that a machine gun in the background around 7:00

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