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How Did Father’s Day Start?

WomensForum.com | Any man can be a Father, but it takes a special person to be called Dad. |  Hey! Did you know that it’s not only a nice gesture to say thanks to Dad this Father’s Day, it’s your patriotic duty. In fact it’s almost a law!  So make an effort to be with your Dad this coming Father’s Day weekend. Plan a backyard celebration that he’ll remember.  How it All Began: The Making of An American Holiday in Honor of Dad Most fathers are happiest around a barbecue.

Make dad the Man of the Day in low-key style. Gather the family in the backyard or at your local park’s outdoor picnic area. Have plenty of games, a Frisbee, hula hoops, a slip-and-slide, and other opportunities for silliness on hand.

Hand dad a spatula, some cookout fixings, and a cooler full of his favorite brew, and let him do his thing as he watches you and the kids make fools of yourselves. Your smiles will probably be thanks enough, but just in case… tell him how much you appreciate all he does, yesterday, today, every day. ere are at least a couple of different tales about how Father’s Day began.

They go something like this. The first Fathers day celebration began July 5, 1908 at what are now know as Central United Methodist Church. Grace Golden mentioned to her pastor that they should have a celebration in remembrance of the 361 people that was killed in a horrifying explosion back in December.

History books also claim that Sonora Smart Dobb started this tradition.

It seems that her mother had died during child birth and so she and her 5 siblings were raised by their father. He took wonderful care of the children. Sonora, wanting to show her appreciation for all of his hard work and wonderful care decides to honor him on his birth month, June.

The story continues in 1913, when President Coolidge proposed a Commendation to pursue Father’s Day as a National Day of Rememberence and in 1924 the recommendation came into effect through an act of Congress. In 1930 a group was formed in New York City to gather supporters.

It was known as the associated men’s wear retailers, renamed in 1938 as National Council for the Promotion of Fathers Day.

This group tried to commercialize this holiday to increase sales. One gimmick they used was to mock mother’s day to promote fathers day.

I’s thought this holiday would have disappeared if not for the council. In 1956 Father’s Day was recognized by a Joint Resolution of Congress. In 1966 President Lyndon B. Johnson set an official date, the 3rd Sunday in June.

It wasn’t until 1972 that President Nixon made it a national holiday When is father’s day celebrated? Father’s day is celebrated In the United States and several other countries on the third Sunday in June. When is father’s day this year? This year it will be celebrated on the same day as the first day of Summer! Father’s Day this year is June 20th in 2010. When is father’s day in other countries? Uruguay celebrates it in July.

Brazil celebrates in August. Australia celebrates in September. Luxembourg celebrates in October. Sweden celebrates in November. Thailand celebrates in December.

Did you know?

  • 95 million Father’s day cards were given In the United States last year, making it the 4th largest holiday for cards
  • 50% of these cards are from children
  • Over $1 billion is spent each year on Father’s day gifts
  • Most collect calls are made on Father’s day

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